How to pitch a tent

pitch-tentEverybody love to camp and have a fun day in the middle of the nature but sometimes there are problems if you don’t know how to pitch a tent.

How to pitch a tent is nothing from other planet, it is just about ability and about to follow all the steps and taking time to do it properly so you can enjoy your camping day or week.

How to pitch a tent and the steps to do it

  • It is better if you have a better tent than a conventional one. Modern tents are not heavy and can be folded away.
  • You need to choose a very good location, a flat area, try to be at least 20 feet from your neighbor’s tent so everyone can have space to move into and around their own tent.
  • You need to prepare the area, cleaning it from stones, rubbish, pieces of wood, damaged objects and sharp things if any.
  • Pop-up the tent and make sure to put the part with the door where is no wind.
  • Remember to secure the tent to the ground.
  • You need to adjust and secure the ropes that are attached into the ground, put all your things inside your tent.
  • Please don’t forget to check and double check as well, make sure everything that everything is well tided and secured, and remember that for not checking out you can have accidents and stuff. After you check and rechecked you are easy to enjoy your camping and enjoy yourself.