Best skiing places

SKIINGIf you love to do extreme sport on winter and you love the snow it is time to go ski and enjoy the cold winter sporting, you can take classes of ski from beginners until professionals and, trust us, it’s something you are going to enjoy. You can go virtually anywhere in the world to practice your favorite sport.

The best skiing places

  • Aspen, Colorado (USA)
    If you like to ski with famous and rich people, this is the place for you. There is all level of ski learners. Even this is an expensive place is worth it to go and enjoy a fancy skiing.
  • Cortina (Italy)
    This is one of the best skiing places, the Olympic Games where held here in 1956. The Alps in general are very high and people are really friendly.
  • Mont-Tremblant, Quebec (Canada)
    This French Canadian place is known as the skier’s paradise. This beautiful place is just one hour away from the amazing Montreal.
  • Park City, Utah (USA)
    This place is one of the best skiing places as well because it has thousands of tourist each year. It is also the place where the Sundance Film Festival is hoster, so you can enjoy skiing and watch really good movies in the same place.
  • Switzerland
    This place is an international top skiing place because is very expensive to go over there, but it has beautiful views and resorts.
  • Kitzbuhel (Austria)
    This place is the most romantic resort ever, ideal both for beginners and for professionals. You can also practice snowboarding as well.