Best canoeing places

canoeingIf you love adventure and outdoor sports, specially having contact with the nature and the river, canoe and kayak will be always in your list. But to do that you need to know the best canoeing places to enjoy better your vacation and sports.

The best canoeing places

  • Upper Iowa River, Iowa (USA)
    This is considered the best adventure place in America; its river has rushing waters. You don’t need to be an experienced in canoeing because the waters are so good that you can easily learn the route and the circuit. The best time to canoe is in summer and spring.
  • Missouri and Arkansas (USA)
    If you like to hike and walk before going cane, this is one of the best canoeing places you can choose for the wonderful mountains, so many dark caves that can protect you from the hot sun.
  • The Everglades, Florida (USA)
    Here is where all the paddlers around the world come gathering because there are so many islands and beautiful landscape and the peace you can feel and see around these places. For sure it will be an unforgettable experience if you come here.
  • Colorado River, Arizona (USA)
    Colorado has so many adventures and wonder places like the Grand Canyon and more, of course it is one of the best canoeing places. The Colorado River is the best with Rocky Mountains.

There are so many places but these are the best canoeing places that you need to visit to really enjoy this outdoor and adventure extreme sport.